Special Education Program

The Geneva City Schools Special Education Program is committed to the belief that every child has value and every child is entitled to an opportunity for education.

Child Find

Child Find is a statewide program that is sponsored by the State Department of Education's Division of Rehabilitations Services, Early Intervention and the Division of Special Education Services.  Child Find is an effort by the department to locate, identify and evaluate individuals from birth to age 21 who have disabilities or who are suspected of having disabilities.

Alabama makes the Child Find program available statewide in order to meet federal requirements governing services for individuals with disabilities.  The Division of Special Education Services and Early Intervention work closely with community service providers and local school systems to locate individuals with disabilities.

Anyone may call for referral information or to find out about available resources via the toll free Child Find number, 1-800-543-3098.  People who use telecommunications devices for the deaf may access Child Find by calling the Alabama Relay Center at 1-800-548-2547.  Referrals may be made at any time during the year.

For more information about services, contact Special Education Programs, Geneva City Schools at (334)684-1090 or Child Find at 1-800-542-3098, State Department of Education.


 What is IDEA?

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

What is FAPE?

Free Appropriate Public Education

What is an IEP?

Individual Education Plan

What are my rights under the IDEA/special education?

The IDEA provides specific protections to parents and students.

Resources for Teachers

https://linktr.ee/SpecialEdServices - ALSDE Special Education Services Resources and Support


https://sites.google.com/alex.state.al.us/alexevents/special-education-resources - ALEX Special Education Resources


https://www.livebinders.com/b/2722764&present=true - Inclusion and Resource Support for Alabama Educators


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Resources for Parents

https://www.alabamaachieves.org/ - Alabama State Department of Education Website


http://alabamaparentcenter.com/ - Alabama Parent Education Center


https://ldaalabama.org/ - Learning Disabilities Association of Alabama


https://www.rehab.alabama.gov/services/crs - Alabama Children’s Rehabilitation Services


https://www.acdd.org/ - Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities


http://www.rehab.alabama.gov/services/ei - Alabama Early Intervention Services

https://www.autism-alabama.org/ - Autism Society of Alabama